I practice a variety of styles of massage and bodywork.  Some of the techniques and influences in my work are: myofascial release, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point therapy, biodynamic, CranioSacral therapy and my specialty (unique in Vancouver, WA), the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.

Each session is customized to meet your desired intention, focusing on specific treatment areas or overall peace and healing.  I'm often told that my solid wood  table is one of the most comfortable around, topped with a wool pad over a heated pad and soft warm sheets with a blanket to ensure warmth and preserve modesty at all times.   I use fractionated coconut oil which has an added benefit of moisturizing skin, and essential oils are available if you are prone to getting congested while face-down.   It is all about your comfort, and dressing down for massage is completely optional as I can also work over clothing, if you prefer.  No two sessions are exactly alike, as I focus on treating the areas which are most beneficial for you that day.

There are numerous health benefits to receiving massage.  Nearly every system in the body (including cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, and digestive) are positively affected and massage has no harmful side effects.  Everyone can benefit from massage at least once monthly for maintaining vibrant health.


Of all the massages I have had I'd have to put Karen's at the top of the list. The effects of the massage lasted for weeks increasing blood flow to some seriously damaged places. I have severe nerve damage in my left knee and congenital hip displasia in my right hip. Karen was gentle enough to get around the tender spots and firm enough to make an impact. She intuitively knew the pain I was in and how to help correct it, starting out at my feet and working upwards into problem areas. The inflammation in my SI joint is severe, often times being very hot to the touch and getting the energy and fluids moving through that area helped me walk, sleep and live a little. Also the pressure I feel in my spine from limping around all the time was alleviated, and I even was able to decrease my pain medication slightly after the massage. It was refreshing for lack of a better word. Karen knows what she's doing, and she genuinely cares.

Jared A.