Do you know from experience the gentle ways integrative bodywork promotes self-love, acceptance, and healing on all levels?  Working with the breath, we release what is not serving and move into a higher state of wellness.  When done with love and without judgment, this establishes harmony within.
Integrative bodywork is my own unique fusion of massage, craniosacral therapy, and Reiki energy work.  One or all of these modalities may be utilized within a single treatment, with Reiki running through all the while, as my nurturing touch ranges from sweet and ethereal to deep into tissue to provide relief from pain and stress.  My warm touch has been described by clients as feeling like "loving kindness."

Allow me to be guided in finding what you've been carrying, but can't see for yourself.   At the speed of light, energy can both enter and leave the body.  New pathways are created, while vents allow tension to release like steam from a teapot... allowing you to enjoy the authentic sweetness of your true essence. 
Would it surprise you to know that the location of pain is often not the source of pain?  In a space where time stands still, you will be transported for an hour or more to a place where you are the sovereign Queen or King of your life, beginning with the temple of your body, the sacred container for your spirit.
As I facilitate healing almost without words during your treatment, it allows you to hear the words of your soul with greater clarity and awareness.  Additionally, clients often leave with recommendations for self-care, which may include: stretches, exercises, health tips, and referrals when appropriate.
Starting with your highest intention, allow me to support you in feeling your best in mind, body and spirit. 




Integrative really expresses the services Karen offers. She has a wide range of massage and energy healing techniques to draw upon, depending on your specific needs. She starts by truly looking at you and finding out your concerns and needs. And then she customizes the bodywork for your situation. She does amazing deep tissue work, but also loving and relaxing energy healing. She addresses both physical and emotional needs. So I always leave feeling stress-free and relaxed, and with my physical aches and pains taken care of. She is truly an amazing healer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sarah B.